Self Published Saturday/Dilly Dally Sally

Self-Published Saturday is my attempt to help self-published authors with the heavy task of marketing. Self-published/indie authors have to do it all, from editing to cover design to marketing. If this blog can lighten the load even a little bit, I am happy to assist! This week, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful children’s book, Dilly Dally Sally by E.M. Blake.


Explore East London on a quiet summer day and discover how Sally finds her way home. Will her friends the swans and geese help?

The story is inspired by the real wildlife of Regent’s Canal and Limehouse Basin in London. There’s amusing situations and familiar objects to encourage parent-child interaction. It’s great as part of the bedtime routine while helping to support their reading skills. Have fun learning about animals, numbers and the love of family, plus develop life skills like relaxation versus procrastination, problem solving and safety.

This picture book combines photographs of places and wildlife in East London with the tale of a lost duckling to help stimulate children’s natural curiosity about the world. It’s reality with a dash of fiction and rhyme.  


This is a fun and educational children’s story that takes a walk with a very lost duckling as she tries to find her way home. Accompanied by real-life photos of Regent’s Canal and Limehouse Basin in London, this also teaches kids about these areas while they are reading a cute and entertaining story. The rhymes are adorable and may encourage kids to try rhymes of their own. Children and adults will enjoy the photos and the irresistible rhyming tale of Sally and her adventures.

I downloaded a copy of this book on Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read it for free.


Ellie M. Blake lives in London. She loves taking photographs of nature and writing stories. Her other interests include travel, cooking and healthy happy living. 

Once upon a time, she worked in education and did many other jobs, before, after and during completion of an MA in English literature, LLB, B.Commerce and BA. 

Dilly Dally Sally is her first book.

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She enjoys connecting with people. Please get in touch. 





While I love the fun rhymes, real-life pictures of wildlife, and educational opportunities this book provides, the cover needs some work. The duckling on the front appears to have possibly been pasted in, as the background around it is a little darker than the rest of the photo. The lettering on the cover is not showing up well, and the author might consider trying a different color or font. This does not affect my rating of the overall book.



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