Self-Published Saturday: July 10, 2021

Here is the newest edition of Self-Published Saturday, where I highlight great self-published authors and introduce you to their books. As you know, self-published authors have to do it all, from editing to cover design to marketing. My hope for this feature is that it helps authors in their marketing efforts. This week I am pleased to announce that Louise Bélanger has published her second book of poems. Her first book, Your Words, has been featured here before. Now I am pleased to present Louise’s second book, Your Words, Your World. See my review below. As always, if you decide to buy the book, make sure and leave a review. Reviews are very important for self-published authors, and really all authors, as it helps spread that so important word-of-mouth that can make your book a success. Please also share this post on social media by using the Twitter and Facebook buttons below. Feel free to reblog this as well. We need our self-published authors to get as much attention as possible.

Your Words, Your World is a beautiful collection of poetry, photographs, and story poems about God and the world He created, and the second book of poems by Louise Bélanger. It helps the reader look at the world in a new way.

Among my favorite poems is Ordinary, about how God can take something ordinary, like a star or a body of water, and make it do extraordinary things. I also loved Dust, which reminds us that God created us all from something we don’t really like–dust. A War Erupted paints a beautiful and tumultuous picture of a thunderstorm. The Contest is a thought-provoking story poem about a conversation between flowers. Zoom to Heaven is probably my favorite of all, as it talks about what it would be like to have a Zoom conversation with a loved one in Heaven.

Your Words, Your World takes a unique look at God and the world He created, and it makes me appreciate Him and this world all the more.

The photographs of nature throughout the book are gorgeous and mesmerizing, and they make perfect companions to the poems.


(In Her Own Words)

I am a Canadian poet and the author of Your Words and Your Words Your World. I started writing poetry in the spring of 2020. Pouring my emotions on paper, describing beautiful scenery and stories that came to life in my head was quite new to me. With the encouragement and help from many friends, my dream became a reality.

Photography and music are also dear to my heart. I am an avid reader and a big screen movie goer.

My relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the most important relationship in my life. It’s the foundation for everything.

Quality time with loved ones is precious and essential.

I am happy to spend this time with you. 



*Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can download these books for free, or each ebook can be purchased outright for only 1.99. There is also a paperback version of both books available.

*Just another reminder that if you buy the book, leave a review. You are appreciated!

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